UK Free: December 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

The mystery of the lake that disappeared in Bosnia

In Bosnia , trying to find explanations for the mysterious disappearance of a gap of 20 meters in diameter and eight feet deep.
Sanica neighbors , a remote village in the department Kljuc in Bosnia , trying to find explanations for the mysterious disappearance of a pond 20 feet in diameter and eight feet deep.
In the place where the lake was rich in fishes , there is now a gaping hole 50 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep that is growing .
According to locals , the phenomenon happened overnight .

The fish started jumping and the water disappeared , swallowed even some nearby trees.
Scientists say that this is a natural phenomenon because the area where it happened is karst , with formations produced by the erosive action of water or solvent and that the phenomenon could occur by flowing groundwater.

Another popular theory - and reject - experts is that a fish could have driven one of the German bombs of World War II that an old woman into the lake .

Women are forbidden to wear a bra with rods

In China , discovered a curious method for examination fraud .
In China an unusual law that forbids women use bras when they go to take the test for admission to pursue a place at university , according to the AFP was issued.

This measure was taken in order to prevent fraud and student cheating, that increases every day by illegal sophisticated methods such as the use of tools of wire fraud , according to the China Daily .

In response, the government of that country, through the Ministry of Education, adopted drastic rules to prevent such widespread habit. For example , in Jilin Province - Northeast of the country , the authorities turned to the use of metal detectors to identify women's bras made ​​of wires, which are feasible to carry transmitters and headphones.

According to the Global Times, in Jilin were presented to nine million exams for admission of candidates and there were only fit for three million , hence the fierce competition proportional to the fraudulent , ' moved ' organized networks. In response, surveillance video cameras in classrooms is also installed , they told the China Daily .

Provided secure a future career , some students are willing to do anything at this crucial stage of their lives. In 2012 , the Ministry of Public Security arrested 1,500 people and seized 60,000 electronic kits prepared to commit fraud , as most transmitters and headphones , according to China Daily.

According to Country Meters , the current population of China amounts to 1'363 633 million inhabitants, of which men comprise 51.9 % women and 48.1% of the total population . This law fundamentally discriminates against women , having to go through tests and restrictions, such as the ban on metal supports. And men are excluded from these tests ? Can you commit fraud without being caught ?